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Thoughts On Wedding Bands…

If anyone cares to put in their two cents (sort of speak), where do you stand on those that say they are married, yet will not wear their wedding band(s)?

Being a single guy, I used to approach women constantly and just talk to see if there could be interest there. After some conversations, I ask for her number and then I get they “I’m sorry, but I am married and I don’t think my husband would like that” speech, or something similar. Really??? I often ask them about their wedding band and then more excuses come about. I have always believed and grew up with the fact if if a person is married, they should wear their wedding band and if you cannot afford one, don’t get married yet. Even when I was married, I wore my wedding band up to the time I gotten divorced and then I pawned it 🙂

During hazardous work, I can understand not having it on, but after work, it should come second nature to have it on again, for both men and women.