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Meth and Cigarettes – Is There A Difference?

As I go through college and learn my assignments, I cannot help but think how the government allows a tax on cigarettes and not on meth or other drugs. As I look at the ingredients, it amazes me.

The only reason why I am putting this on my “note/journal” entry because this was an assignment in school… what are the differences in Cigarettes and Meth, and what are the similarities of Cigarettes and Meth?

In NO way do I judge a person for smoking. Hey, we all have our devices.  First are the ingredients for a typical cigarette.

Acetone – found in nail polish remover
Acetic Acid – an ingredient in hair dye
Ammonia – a common household cleaner
Arsenic – used in rat poison
Benzene – found in rubber cement
Butane – used in lighter fluid
Cadmium – active component in battery acid
Carbon Monoxide – released in car exhaust fumes
Formaldehyde – embalming fluid
Hexamine – found in barbecue lighter fluid
Lead – used in batteries
Naphthalene – an ingredient in moth balls
Methanol – a main component in rocket fuel
Nicotine – used as insecticide
Tar – material for paving roads
Toluene – used to manufacture paint


Now the ingredients for Meth.

Acetone – found in nail polish remover
Lithium – used in batteries
Toluene – used to manufacture paint
Hydrochloric Acid – used in plastic
Pseudoephedrine – found in cold medicine
Red phospherous – found in match boxes and road flares
Sodium hydroxide – ingredient in lye
Sulfuric acid – found in drain cleaners
Anhydrous ammonia – household cleaners


As we can see, most items found in cigarettes are found in meth. The difference…. government tax cigarettes and not meth.


2 thoughts on “Meth and Cigarettes – Is There A Difference?

  1. Deemster_Diva says:

    Cigarettes are so much worse than almost every drug (except maybe meth) that’s illegal. But yet… they’re legal. I just did a haiku about this, but it’s in my archive section now…. I’m over 6 months smoke free and have never felt better, despite the fact that I’m addicted to heroin. I’d much rather slam heroin that kill myself smoking. Some don’t agree, but the truth it, it’s better for your than smoking (as long as you practice harm reduction with each shot).

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