Personal-type Of Thought(s)


I have been hearing a lot of things regarding kids and what is consider “bad” kids.  If we are all adults, we should realize one thing before we can say “a bad child.”  We were kids at one point in our lives.  I cannot say there is a person who was a “perfect” kid.  We all gotten in trouble, rather it was messing with the girls in the playground, stole something from our parents (it is still stealing), harassed others, or even bullied someone else due to the way the looked.  If any one person can say they were the “perfect” child and never gotten into trouble, no matter how small or big, I would love to meet your parents.  I am sure they will tell a different story.

The point is this… we are all bad children at one point of our lives.  This is why we had parents or guardians to help guide us, as we help guide our children.  Why else do we have juvenile detention centers and why else do we have the difference between being tried as an adult, and being tried as a juvenile?  Why are the records of juveniles sealed to the public?

Next time a person say… he was a bad kid, or she was a bad kid, they first have to realize the lives they had led during their teenage years.

Be safe,

CF Boston Brian