General Need-to-Know Information

Plenti Customers…

The reward program known as Plenti will cease to exist as of July 10, 2018. Plenti is a card used by Exxon Mobile to redeem for rewards. These rewards can be x amount of cents or dollars off per gallon on fuel. It can also be used at Macy’s and other fine stores. I guess the question is how could this be when it is a relatively new program?

American Express is discontinuing the Plenti credit card. American Express is also removing Plenti as a transfer partner. Macy’s and Chili’s are both leaving the program. Ultimately, this program struggled due to poor reward rates and the inability to sign new customers.

Before I get on any reward program, I must sure my information is safe and secure. When Plenti first came out, they did not allow anyone to opt out of third-party information selling. I don’t want my information sold to anyone. It is a hassle to answer my phone or get mail from third-party trying to sell something. I don’t know if Plenti changed their policies, but I did not check into it further since they did not allow it when the program first came out.

There are many reward programs out there. I do suggest you find out if you can opt out of any third-party selling before you join.

~Boston Brian