Bio: "Why CF Boston Brian?" I am a Boston Bruins fan. I have a saying that goes with that..."if you mess with the bear, you get the claw" lol 🙂 "Personal Interests" I enjoy photography, cooking, writing poems, hiking, museums, wine and wine tasting (but not any Merlot types), the unexpected (to a degree), and adventure. Probably my number one hobby is playing Chess. I am not a Boston Red Sox fan. Okay, I lied... I only liked the Red Sox when they beat St. Louis Cardinals. "Important Note" I frown on those that believe they have to lie or be dishonest. Even though friendships may start online, they may and can develop in person. Communication is everything to me. I don't lead others on, I state what is on my mind, I am honest, I am loyal, I don't say things just to say them in hopes to stroke your ego; and more importantly I will always be upfront with you, which means I will not give you the silent treatment. Silence leads to guessing games - games we played in high school. "Side Note" If you would like to know more or have questions about anything of me or my likes, please don't hesitate to send me a message CF Boston Brian

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