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Happy Holidays

I just wanted to take this moment to wish everyone Happy Holidays and a very safe journey over the New Year.

Let’s do something different!  How about doing a New Year’s resolution and keeping it this time.  After all, it will make things easier in the future to keep our word more.

My New Year’s resolution… to pray nightly before bed and to listen more, which is one of my biggest flaws.  One day at a time.

I walk slowly, but I never walk backward.  ~ABRAHAM LINCOLN~

What I get from this quote… We cannot stop inevitability, but we must still push forward regardless.

~Boston Brian~

Life Experiences

Turn Signals

What the hell man… I almost gotten into a crash because of some idiot that did not use her turn signal.  It was bad enough she turned in front of me without her turn signal, just to travel about 30 feet and hit her brakes to turn into a McDonald’s parking lot; leaving me milli-seconds to really respond.  Me, doing around 40 in a 30 mph zone and her braking fast in a minivan, it would not be a pretty picture.

Why do people refuse to use their turn signals?  Why are they so hung up on not using them?  It is the same thing about the right-of-way.  We were taught all these things in driver’s education.  Is it so hard to remember?  People can remember what happened to them 30 years ago, as I can remember what happened to me when I was 17 years old; yet I still remember to use my turn signals, so they cannot be a good excuse for others.

Turn signals, right-of-way, lane usage, text while driving….these are things that are against the law, yet people get away with it everyday.  How can anyone expect something good if they continue to break laws.  As elders have told me…”How can you keep God’s laws if you cannot even keep man’s law – which most are based on God’s law.”