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The Struggle Continues…

August 29, 2015

Watching Inside edition this evening after the Chicago Bears game, I was deeply moved about two things.

1. Napa Valley Wine Train Tours kicked off 11 women of African descent due to, what they call, laughing too much. According to information provided, the person who worked on the train escorted 11 women of African descent off the train at a stop where police were called and waiting for them. Other non African descent customers said it was not fair because there were others that laughed and acted the same way, if not worse, yet were not approached. Why does this bothers me? Because the company issued an apology and will make their employees go through diversity training. Can we conclude if this was done by a man or woman of African descent against European women, this person would be fired and not recommended for diversity training. People say we are created equal, but we are not treated equally. Nothing conflicts me more than those who say they are Christians who continuously judge others when the chosen people were not Europeans, but Israelis. No wonder why I stopped going to church.

2. Police officers caught on camera trying to make drivers buy tickets to a police function or he will take their vehicle for not being registered. Again, this is evident on a cell phone video, yet they only get desk duty or some other duty while the incidents are investigated through Internal Affairs. Really? What is there to investigate when the proof it right on camera or video?

We live in a world where we call bad good and good bad. We life in a world where people judge those of African descent, or even judging those that are of mixed race and receive b.s. apologies because they got busted or found out during such things. It is a shame where people of African descent has to prove themselves a worthy employee or a worthy friend almost five times more than those of European descent.

I believe not all police officers are bad or do negative things. Just like people, a few officers give the good officers a bad name, just like a few people of African descent give us good ones a bad name; and just like a few European descent people would give the good ones a bad name.

CF Boston Brian

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A Rant – CF Boston Brian Style

This is going to be a piggy back on my comment I made on Xena’s post regarding the funeral of Michal Brown…

You know.. seeing all of this senseless killing by those that we call to protect ALL citizens, not just WHITE or BLACK, but ALL make me feel very embarrassed to have been in the military.

The military – something that holds a beacon of freedom and unity, but it’s not so.  We actually live in a fa-sad.  We import a lot of things from countries we don’t know anything about, such as the water may be malaria-filled, or what type of pesticides used on things we eat.  Let’s not forget, things may not affect them, but will affect us.  I remember when I was stationed in Korea and they told us (military) not to drink their water, yet the Koreans drink it.  Just because a person jump off a building and live, does not mean everyone should do the same.

Our national anthem talks about land of the free and God Bless America, yet are we deserving to be free or blessed?  We have had the Civil War, and we are still living the Civil War.  How?  We are not using northern states versus southern states, yet it is more of white versus black, versus bi-racial.  America, a country that want to define me as being black instead of interracial.  America, a country that want to define President Obama as being black instead of being interracial (his mother is German).

I hate, and I mean HATE conceal carry.  According to the Constitution, we all have the right to bear arms, but as it was used by in the days it was created, it was to protect the HOME, not to venture outside the home and shot others.  Yes, we have gang violence, and we have robberies.  We also know the area(s) of these said gang violence and other malicious crimes.  As my mother had always told me, if you don’t go in the areas that are bad, why would you need a gun?  It seems like people are getting shot for no reason, especially in the back, where there is NOT a threat.  It all comes to JUDGMENT!

Matthew 12:36,37 – “But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.  For by they words thous shalt be justified, and by they words thou shalt be condemned.”  Jesus Christ said this, not CF Boston Brian.

Romans 14:10 – But why dost thou judge thy brother? or why dost thou set a nought (badness) thy brother? for we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ.  Who?  ALL of us, and our bodies holds our spirits and as others see us, we are black, white, Asian, etc… but our spirits is NOT a race.  When we need blood, it is not characterized as black o+ or white ab Negative.  It is what it is.. blood.

Why do we all do what we do?  I believe it is race driven.  Why?  Would you allow your daughter or son date and bring home a person that is of a different race AND not wonder if they are going to steel something?  We are taught as kids, and by music, about race and judgments that are passed down from our families of how people are of that race.  When America can talk about race and talk about it daily, maybe we can all see each other through our own eyes.

I hold true to two quotes that I love to use very much…
– “And you wonder why we don’t like you” – Chronicles of Narnia
– “Are we Americans when the mood suits you?” – Tuskegee Airmen

CF Boston Brian

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Something of Interest

It was conveyed to me, from a reliable sourse, that there are more black people getting shot by police since 2008/2009 than blacks being lynched since the Civil War.  Isn’t it ironic that this started happening AFTER the election of President Obama?  One thing I love (not) is how others can call him a black man.  He is not black, but bi-racial.  Is that hard to understand?  He has a German mother, who is white and an African father.  I too am bi-racial and get very offended and upset by others calling me black, or try to make me identify myself as black, when I have white culture in me as well.  It is the same as the term “African Americans” to describe black people.  I dislike the use of that term for blacks.  Why?  There are South Africans, that are white.  They too are African Americans.  Just like people from Egypt are called Egyptians, but they are Africans.  Either way it goes, all of Africa are Africans (South Africa, Egypt, Libya, etc.).

As I think about life in America, I think of how racist this country really is.  Most people refuse to talk about race, saying we are better since we have a black (but I call him bi-racial) president in the white house.  Most republicans talk about they want their country back and he is an Arab and things of this sort.  He was the one that got Bin Laden, not Bush. Bush wanted to do what his father could not do, which was kill Hussein, now we have a greater thread – Isis.  Funny how Hussein kept Isis at bay and killed Isis members until his death by his own people, which signify Isis want to gain control of the region. Now, here we are today right..

To be back on point – it is a shame police officers get away with murder.  Shooting of innocent people (unarmed) is something police has been able to get away with for YEARS; yet they will arrest you for shooting other people.  It is a shame that some cops make it bad for all cops, which is the same as cops judge others, yes?  They judge one black person or mentally challenge person as that is the whole group.

I heard about the Utah gentleman that gotten shot and killed.. shot in the back by police officers.  He had an afro and was not of fair skin.  After the murder, the mother, who is white, said if her son was 100 percent white, the cops would not have shot him, but because he looks black, they shot first and apologize later.  Who does this remind you of… George Zimmerman, maybe?

Racism used to occur a lot in the south, and now it is occurring a lot in the northern states now.  The statue of Liberty and the national anthem states, “land of the free and the home of the brave.”  Is it?  Are we really free?  Cops choose to be judge and executioner, even in states that does not support the death penalty.  As a former military person, I have conflict of how this country view me and appreciate the blood and sweat I have suffered for it; just to be called names and constantly looked at as I go shopping in stores.  Being of mixed race is just as bad as being black in society as we are judged as such.

We are good enough to play basketball for Team USA.  We are good enough to box (boxing) for Team USA.  We are even good enough for track and field for Team USA; but we are not good enough to be Americans AFTER we bring medals to the land of America.  They are being treated like military veterans injured in combat, lost limbs, and returned to America – rotten and cruel; often called names.  Funny how people say to me, as the movie of Tuskegee Airmen have shown as well – why do I want to fight for and willing to die for a country that thanks me by calling me “nigger.”  My answer, I really don’t know.  I have family members that are all former military, and I guess I have to keep that legacy alive, but that is a valid point.  Society only see black, white, and Latin.  Society don’t believe there is a such thing as bi-racial people.

Are we Americans when the mood suites you?

CF Boston Brian

No Justice No Peace

An Update on an Email regarding America the Twisted….

I wrote the AG regarding the law and information regarding hate crimes, and it is punishable by jail time.  It seems like everyone is passing the buck, yet, what is the use of having laws if the only thing they are good for is wasting paper, OR when it happens outside the unfortunate areas of different neighborhoods?

It seems like the law (police and attorneys) tend to pick and choose what is important to them to pursue and who to arrest, even though the law is written for all citizens.  I have seen unfortunate white people and unfortunate black people, even unfortunate mixed people.  The law is designed to protect all people, including the ones listed.  When the law breaks down, people loose trust in the law, which is why we have this crap happening in America.  Either people believe they will get away with it because the law would never convict them, or they feel entitled.

This is a copy of my email and the response I had gotten with this email.  Names are hidden to protect the identities..


Mr. ***,

 Thank you for writing the office of ***. Per your inquiry, I must inform you that in Illinois locally elected county State’s Attorneys are primarily responsible for enforcing criminal law in their respective counties.  State’s Attorneys are given unfettered discretion in determining whether to file criminal charges.  The idea being it is incumbent upon that official to actually sign charges presented to the court and to prosecute the case in the criminal proceeding. While the Illinois Attorney General does serve as the state’s chief legal officer we do not have operational control or authority over locally elected county State’s Attorneys or municipal police departments, who would be the appropriate agencies for you to contact regarding this matter. Additional concerns would be best addressed by consulting private legal counsel.



Public Affairs Officer

Constituent Services Bureau

No Justice No Peace

Is This Really 2014??

I read something that really disturbed me on yahoo news.  This article was posted July 2014, so it is fairly new.  This article is about a New York news paper with the heading of “The Nigger in the White House.”  Nigger was covered with only the N and r visible.  Really?  I mean really?  2014?

The origin of “nigger” means an ignorant person, which is from the dictionaries of old.  Then the term went on to describe Nigerian people, but some could not spell Niger, thus spelling it Nigger.  In the dictionaries now, that term means a raciest slur.  How would white people like it if the title for Bush was “The Cracker in the White House?”  I don’t think that would go over well.

James Collier believes the reason for this headline is because the right hate President Obama so much, they state it is because he is black.  I would agree to a degree because if you search history, no other Democratic President has been more disrespected than President Obama.  Even those in McCain supports believes President Obama is Arabian, which McCain did say Obama is a Christian man.  People tend to judge names with the nationalities and whatever society calls it, people embrace it.   The West View News refuse to comment on this headline, nor did they post it on their website.  This is not the first time Collier has been in trouble with the same word he had posted this month.  His literature was taken off the shelves around the city.  Don’t believe me, read it for yourself:”

Whatever happened to what America stands for?  The land of the Free?  The Civil War proves this theory of the home of the Free incorrect.  Yes, if you are white or European, even Asian (Japanese, Chinese, etc.), the piece of the American pie awaits.  The Civil War… a war that had over million of hot lead and metal penetrate the bodies of those called for their selected armies, rather Union or Confederate.  Senseless deaths of those who are called … Americans, in which who were separated between Northern and Southern states.  A country divided like Korea.

Society see what they desire to see and judge what is right and what is not.  Society says President Obama is black because his father is black.  If you want to be technical, he is African because his father is from African, not just black.  However, his mother is white, therefore, making him of mixed race.  Society does not view his mother, only his father, calling him black.  This is the same in my experiences.  I am of mixed race myself and my mother has always told me I should recognize ALL nationalities within me, not just the black.  I look upon myself as other, but society say I am black, disregarding the white race that is within me as well.  When I date or go out with a woman who is black, I don’t get looks because society labels me as black.  When I date or go out with a white woman, society frowns and judge us both, calling us names; refusing to accept the fact that I am of mixed race.  Who made society the boss in saying what is right, what is wrong, and what nationality or race is better than the other?

Society does not teach that most things you may use today exists due to black people.  Things such as the Ice Cream Scoop – the fun making getting ice cream of the carton easier, the Traffic Light – to allow traffic their rightful turn while traveling through major intersections and highways, the Super Soaker Water Gun – something that is used on hot summer days to squirt at each other with cool water for fun, the Potato Chip – a food that was actually invented on accident, the Open-Heart Surgery – the first one was done to save the life of a stabbing victim and the same types of surgeries that have saved a lot of other people both black and white people, the Light Bulb – yes Edison invented it but Latimer perfected it making the bulb lasts a lot LONGER, the one that is of a depressed state… slavery – which made America rich from buying machinery and owning what is really called “property” not people; and the Blues – something that most every person from one point in time listens to which was developed while singing in the fields by black people.  Is it safe to say black people really build America from the times of slavery, yet never received any type of compensation for their work.  There are much more.”

The next time a person asks me, CF Boston, my nationality, I am very tempted to say “human.”

CF Boston