No Justice No Peace

Don’t Bank With or Have An Account With Chase/JP Morgan

I have a car financed through Chase/JP Morgan. It is obvious that I don’t care if they read this. They say a person with a negative experience will write or tell others more than if their experiences were good with someone or a company. So, you can tell which direction this is going in.

I bought a vehicle, a 2007 Cobalt in the year of 2007 for nearly $13,000 – give or take. In the year of 2013, I have found out I paid for that vehicle twice as Chase received over $25,000 from me. I do understand everyone is in business to profit. As I heard their commercials a few years ago, they claim they are in the business of helping others, did not paint a good picture for me after this experience. In December of 2013, my loan matured and they were demanding a bit over $3,000 as a last payment. I offered to settle with them for the cost of the three payments in the rear, which would have been around $1,021.80 give or take. The payments are $340.60. I was NOT notified of the interest that would have been tacked on the end of the loan when payments were put back at the end of the loan on or around 2009. If I knew this, I would have told them to come and take the car and get a car from “buy here, pay here” locations.

Instead of agreeing with the principle that was added in the rear, since they already received doubled the amount of the vehicle, they refused it requesting full payment of said amount. Because I cannot pay the full balance, interest is still compiling daily on the owed amount. You would think they would accept the payments in the rear and be over with it, but it is a simple case of a company that is controlled by greed, not principles.

Mind you, this car has/have two recalls on it and frame damage, which I did not know upon the purchase of this vehicle.  They are still demanding over $2,000.00 for this vehicle and it is not even worth that much now.

Because of this, I am asking anyone that hears my frustrations of my words, had similar experience(s), or have honor among themselves; please, don’t do any business dealings with Chase/JP Morgan and it’s affiliates. They are not about helping customers, rather about getting more money. This is the classic of what our parents used to say “trying to get blood from a turnip.”


cf Boston Brian