Personal-type Of Thought(s)

An Interesting Song and Heartfelt

As I go to bed at night, I still hear that special song within my mind, the mind of Avatar.  Avatar, a body glorified from my own body.  A symbol of another being, a peaceful man.  When I hear the words and see the words, I get the feeling of longing to belong, to see outside myself and into a world I once lived before my birth as my spirit was with the One who made me.  This gives hope, a hope of that perfect storm rising inside of me.  An inner strength that gives love a chance, true love; unconditional love.  This love surpasses all and as I look upon my mother and my animals, I cannot duplicate that perfect love, but with this song, I can sure as well try to.  A mother’s love…an animal’s love…God’s love…. a love we all would never understand unless in that situation of being a mother or an animal.  We can only enjoy them while they are with us because perfect love overshadows the hardship of life and gives us hope – genuine hope.  Step outside yourselves and see what this perfect storm in you can perfect – honest love and desire.