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Before anyone judge this post, please read its entirety.

I have seen this news on my yahoo page and I thought…my what a good post to do.  I cannot say I gloat on any one person’s death or mishap, but when I read this, I was giving a notch for God’s creatures.  The link to the story can be seen at the bottom of my posting.

First, I am pro and anti-hunting.  How can I be both you may wonder?  I am glad you asked.  Ultimately, I am against hunting except in extreme circumstances.  This circumstance would be in the event we had no food source or I was faced in a situation like the movie “Book of Eli,” I can see hunting to obtain this flesh to keep living.  If anyone has seen Book of Eli, you would know, but if not, I really encourage others to see it.  It is a very good and powerful movie stars Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman, and Jennifer Beals.

I am against hunting because God did not put animals on earth for us to eat, originally.  I cannot see how a person can shoot and harm an innocent deer or other animals that don’t even attack humans.  In the Bible, the Book of Leviticus gives us laws of what we can and cannot eat.  I try to live by that law, but we are not perfect.  True, we live by Grace and Mercy, but as we remember, Jesus did not come to abolish the law, but to fulfill it.

Isn’t it funny how mean “man” is?  Man, meaning all mankind, not just a man specifically.  Even though I know Godzilla and King Kong are fake movies, I still feel the hurt. As I did a post on my prayer towards animal abusers, I can only hope that one day those that do such things will be dealt with accordingly.

Here, we have King Kong, a gorilla that is taken out of its habitat to be transported in America to be shown as the biggest gorilla in the world.  Not treated with respect and abused, King Kong escapes, even though a woman is involved, and now is hunted by America to destroy.  Why – because of man and their greed for money.  Because of man and their greed for taking something that does not belong to them, especially another life.  King Kong, an animal that only lives on instinct as other animals do, yet destroyed by man because he was acting like he was created to do…. being an animal.  If man would have left him in his habitat, King Kong would not have been destroyed by man.

Here, we have Godzilla, a monster that is a metaphor to nuclear weapons – created by Japanese.  The Orient is bent on destroying Godzilla because they cannot control him, a monster that they had created.  Again, greed of all humanity where others suffer brutal death or destruction that either man has created or what God has created because they (mankind) cannot destroy them.

I weep for the innocent!!!

CF Boston