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Don’t Be Upset…

We heard lots of stories from others regarding race this, and race that.  We heard lots of people saying that darker skinned people are using the “race” card when things happen.  We heard how others rally behind police officers when they are shot or killed, yet nothing is mentioned about the lives lost by police.  I am not against the police that honestly serve the communities and connect with people in communities.  I am not against the police that have to honestly defend their life in a situation that is life and death.  What I am against are the innocent killings and the lies other people give to make the police believe they have to destroy a family’s life.

I saw a YouTube video of a SWAT officer that shot and killed  a seven year old girl with a bullet directly into and through her head.  On this YouTube video, the SWAT officer did not answer why he did it or what was his intentions as he broke down the door in this home… a home raided to where only a grandmother and her seven year old granddaughter was occupying.  The gentleman that was doing this video provided information that was released by the American Psychological Association in regards to how police see dark skinned people.  After some research, I had found an article that tells how police view dark skinned people and how lighter skinned women view dark skinned people.  This came out in March of 2014 and here we sit in 2016 with the same issues going on.  I believe you should read the article for yourselves.  It is a good source of information.  Please share.

~CF Boston Brian~

General Need-to-Know Information, No Justice No Peace

Really? Not again!!!

There are a lot of people always say America is the best country ever. People say there’s no racism. People say America is just for everyone. No one wants to talk about racism or how it affects us as “Americans.” No one understands what it is like to be of a darker pigmentation in America. The constitution states ALL men, not some men, but ALL men are created “equal.”  Is that true in the eyes of the law? Even the Governor of Minnesota said this was race motivated. My take… this police officer is not going to do any time for this act.

I read were a police officer in New York was convicted by his peers (the jury), but the judge made the sentence where the police officer did not serve any jail time. He only receive house arrest and probation. The person that officer had killed cannot tell his side of the story. That person cannot defend himself in a court of law. Police officers have bullet-proof vests and yet they are afraid of their life of someone who does not have a weapon. Even so, the military don’t wear bullet-proof vest and we are deployed in some of the most dangerous areas known to man. I would love to see a police officer deployed in a “hot zone” where he or she cannot wear a bullet-proof vest. I bet they will shot everyone in sight.

Incidents like this were known in the southern states, and now they are being done by police officers in the northern states. Videos that show the truth, yet not admissible in court, or the police get the videos first before it can be released. If the police officer did nothing wrong, then why are they so much in a rush to obtain the video before it stream live?

Sooner or later, America will pay for their sins and those that had gotten away with so much will have to be judged by God Himself, one day. I would love to be a fly on the wall because no matter what excuse a person gives of taking a life that is not just, would it be the correct answer?

~Boston Brian~

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Excuse My Language!

Do you want to know what is really fucked up (and excuse my language)?  Man.  When I say man, it includes women as well.  God put us on this earth to have dominion and to worship Him, not to kill off creation for OUR own glory.  I know I may offend some people, but this is coming from my heart!

Too many times, people hunt for the purpose of a trophy.  To many times, people hunt just to give them a reason to kill an animal.  Countless of wolves, dogs, cats, elephants, lions, and many others are killed for the purpose of just because.  Man is so vicious and mean.  Man is so corrupt and selfish.  No wonder why this place called earth is in shambles.

My mother made a point to me earlier today.  She said God did not intend on animals to be caged and put on exhibits.  There is a difference in showing compassion and raising that animal the correct way compared to abusing it because man say it is an animal.  Animals are smarter than some humans.  I told my mother that is what slavery is about… taking someone or an animal from their native land and putting them in cages.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the zoo.  I enjoy animals and my heart cries out to them because they are innocent and only do what they do instinctively.

At times, I get pissed at kids or humans throwing popcorn to animals when they are not suppose to feed the animals.  They give the animals things they may not suppose to have just to get the animal closer to them to watch.  Then I see mothers put their children on top of rocks to watch the animals closer when they are not suppose to have children on the rocks.  People breaking the rules that is for THEIR protection in order to selfishly see captive animals and then want to cry and scream when their child falls into a pit or get into an exhibit due to their negligence.  Keepers would rather kill an animal than to tranquilize the animal due to the negligence of a human doing something they were instructed NOT to do.  Is that fair for the animal?  Is that fair that other people that obey the rules get to see an animal get slaughtered due to someone else’s negligence?  Is it fair for that animal to suffer and have pain from hot lead piercing their bodies because man wants to do what they want to do instead of obeying the rules?

The joy of raising a dog or a cat correctly have many benefits, yet some people leave their dogs or cats outside.  What is the use of having a pet?  Why have a pet if you will treat is like it is nothing?  My dog has free reign in the house.  My dog sleeps in the bed with me, sleeps on the couch, walk anywhere she wants, plays in any room she pleases.  She does her business outside and outside only.  She has free reign of the fenced-in yard as well.  I enjoy her and she enjoys me.  It gives me great pleasure to see her wag her tail, instead of wondering when her next meal is, or wondering why is she subjected to extreme conditions because man refuses to house break a dog or cat.

It’s funny how man can say they love animals and respect animals, yet their actions does not coincide with their words.  Some people treat their kids like animals as well.  So when man say they love animals… do they really?

Boston Brian

Personal-type Of Thought(s)

The Death Sentence.

I had a thought that entered my mind as I was reading a yahoo news post just a few minutes ago about Delta Airlines. Delta Airlines states they will not allow hunting trophies (animals that are killed in other countries by humans) on their aircrafts. I think this is almost the best thing since sliced bread. Why?

Think of the mind of a murderer. Someone in the state that has the death penalty commits murder and is arrested for that murder. That person would likely give up certain information because he/she would not want to receive the death penalty. But why not? They had killed someone, thus according to that specific state they should die as well. Most of the deaths by jury are done by the electrical chair or by lethal injection. These two forms of the death penalty are supposed to be approved and more “humane.” However, the murderer’s victim(s) could had suffered a wound in the lung, a busted heart, shattering of the spinal cord, or other things that may cause extreme pain. Yet, the murderer will try to negotiate life in prison instead of the death penalty.

An animal who is hunted for their tusks and fur does not deserve to die either. They live on instinct where as we know the difference between right and wrong, yet us humans hurt down and destroy the life of an animal. Most animals don’t even have a chance, such as a deer, moose, and other defenseless animals for the purpose of having their heads on the walls of those that murdered them. I would be willing to bet that if such murderers would be caught and tried for these crimes, they would negotiate not to be put to death, which is a more humane way to die than to feel hot lead piercing through your organs as you struggle to breath or become scared of what may happen next.

Let me go on record to say I am not a believer of the death penalty. One of the ten commandments are “Thous shalt not kill” (Exodus 20:13). I know some may say that we kill cows and some other animals for food. Technically, all animals were forbidden to be eaten until after the flood. After the flood, the animals are revealed in Leviticus 11 what are considered clean and unclean. Again, this is considered as food, not as trophies.

Boston Brian

Personal-type Of Thought(s)


Another prime example of how destructive man is. When I say man, I am speaking of all mankind which does include women.

A Minnesota dentist (Palmer) traveled all the way to Africa to kill a lion (Cecil). Little did he know, this 13 year old lion is special to the region and has a GPS on him. This is his excuse…

Palmer issued a statement that reads: “I hired several professional guides, and they secured all proper permits. To my knowledge, everything about this trip was legal and properly handled and conducted. I had no idea that the lion I took was a known, local favorite, was collared and part of a study until the end of the hunt. I relied on the expertise of my local professional guides to ensure a legal hunt.”

So, if someone was to go to his neighborhood and shoot a person because they heard that person was bad and they have sources that would confirm that, would that be justifiable to take a life and have a trophy of the deceased?

Sure, you can say there is a difference between an animal and humans, but I don’t think so. An animal protect its family just like a human would. An animal can learn words just like a human can learn words. An animal bleed just like a human. An animal has feelings of sorrow, hurt, and fear just like a human. An animal desires to be in good hands and needs love just like a human. Funny! Animals and humans are the same in many aspects. Even today, people are being hunted like animals. So you tell me?

Man has messed up this earth in so many ways. Man believes their every excuse is valid for their actions against another or against an animal. Man has marked human beings and animals for death. Man is his/her own worse enemy and yet when we kill, we want to avoid the death penalty ourselves. Isn’t that just like human nature. We don’t want to die, yet we can kill animals and each other without a care in the world…until we are caught.

Boston Brian

Personal-type Of Thought(s)


Before anyone judge this post, please read its entirety.

I have seen this news on my yahoo page and I thought…my what a good post to do.  I cannot say I gloat on any one person’s death or mishap, but when I read this, I was giving a notch for God’s creatures.  The link to the story can be seen at the bottom of my posting.

First, I am pro and anti-hunting.  How can I be both you may wonder?  I am glad you asked.  Ultimately, I am against hunting except in extreme circumstances.  This circumstance would be in the event we had no food source or I was faced in a situation like the movie “Book of Eli,” I can see hunting to obtain this flesh to keep living.  If anyone has seen Book of Eli, you would know, but if not, I really encourage others to see it.  It is a very good and powerful movie stars Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman, and Jennifer Beals.

I am against hunting because God did not put animals on earth for us to eat, originally.  I cannot see how a person can shoot and harm an innocent deer or other animals that don’t even attack humans.  In the Bible, the Book of Leviticus gives us laws of what we can and cannot eat.  I try to live by that law, but we are not perfect.  True, we live by Grace and Mercy, but as we remember, Jesus did not come to abolish the law, but to fulfill it.

Isn’t it funny how mean “man” is?  Man, meaning all mankind, not just a man specifically.  Even though I know Godzilla and King Kong are fake movies, I still feel the hurt. As I did a post on my prayer towards animal abusers, I can only hope that one day those that do such things will be dealt with accordingly.

Here, we have King Kong, a gorilla that is taken out of its habitat to be transported in America to be shown as the biggest gorilla in the world.  Not treated with respect and abused, King Kong escapes, even though a woman is involved, and now is hunted by America to destroy.  Why – because of man and their greed for money.  Because of man and their greed for taking something that does not belong to them, especially another life.  King Kong, an animal that only lives on instinct as other animals do, yet destroyed by man because he was acting like he was created to do…. being an animal.  If man would have left him in his habitat, King Kong would not have been destroyed by man.

Here, we have Godzilla, a monster that is a metaphor to nuclear weapons – created by Japanese.  The Orient is bent on destroying Godzilla because they cannot control him, a monster that they had created.  Again, greed of all humanity where others suffer brutal death or destruction that either man has created or what God has created because they (mankind) cannot destroy them.

I weep for the innocent!!!

CF Boston




No Justice No Peace


It is moments like these that makes life worth living.
It is moments like these why I cry.
It is moments like these when I praise Jesus.
It is moments like these that I believe there are good people out there.
It is moments like these that I continuously pray.
It is moments like these that I would love God to intervene and punish.
It is moments like these that feeding a vampire bat was so precious.
It is moments like these when I pet a Rhino’s horn while he was asleep.
It is moments like these when a Giraffe thanked me for helping its calf.
It is moments like these that I thank the Lord for His Spirit inside of me.
It is moments like these when I held the hand of a gorilla as it smiled.
It is moments like these why I LIVE!!!

Personal-type Of Thought(s)


I have seen lots of pictures of innocent animals being killed by the riffle of a person that enjoys hunting.  I don’t understand how hunting can be a sport when we have ample food sources available to us.

It is funny how some government officials can get involved with the senseless killing of people, for that is a crime; punishable by death in some states, and life in prison in other states.  Why can’t the law be the same for hunting innocent animals with no reason to die?  I can understand if you have to protect yourself, but why put yourself in the situation.

I remember a show where there was a helicopter flying over Alaska and the camera shown senseless murders of a pack of wolves.  Blood every wear and for what reason?  They were alone and were not bothering anyone.  They were a LONG way from civilization. I had cried for them and I have always asked…. why is man so brutal?  Man is brutal in a way that they will kill without remorse, yet they will beg for their own lives.  If you don’t believe me, look upon those on death row that cries nightly, knowing they are to be executed soon.

The killing of animals…something people look upon as a sport, yet we are jailed for killing people, something that is not a sport.


CF Boston Brian