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Don’t Be Upset…

We heard lots of stories from others regarding race this, and race that.  We heard lots of people saying that darker skinned people are using the “race” card when things happen.  We heard how others rally behind police officers when they are shot or killed, yet nothing is mentioned about the lives lost by police.  I am not against the police that honestly serve the communities and connect with people in communities.  I am not against the police that have to honestly defend their life in a situation that is life and death.  What I am against are the innocent killings and the lies other people give to make the police believe they have to destroy a family’s life.

I saw a YouTube video of a SWAT officer that shot and killed  a seven year old girl with a bullet directly into and through her head.  On this YouTube video, the SWAT officer did not answer why he did it or what was his intentions as he broke down the door in this home… a home raided to where only a grandmother and her seven year old granddaughter was occupying.  The gentleman that was doing this video provided information that was released by the American Psychological Association in regards to how police see dark skinned people.  After some research, I had found an article that tells how police view dark skinned people and how lighter skinned women view dark skinned people.  This came out in March of 2014 and here we sit in 2016 with the same issues going on.  I believe you should read the article for yourselves.  It is a good source of information.  Please share.

~CF Boston Brian~

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Isn’t This Interesting…

I know what I am about to write may cause issues.  I am well aware of the conflicts that it may stir up, but I was thinking… as dangerous as it may be.

I find it very interesting how Donald Trump and other Republican officials wanted President Obama to show his birth certificate million upon million times over.  Donald Trump even criticized Ted Cruz for not being American (in so many words) because Ted Cruz was born in Canada.  Isn’t it interesting how no one in the Republican party, nor Donald Trump, ask Ted Cruz to produce his birth certificate over and over again?

People dare to say President Obama is not Christian, yet they cannot supply proof, other than the use of his name.  There are people with native middle eastern names who are Christian.  Isn’t it funny how people can say Barack Obama is our first black president.  How can this be?  He is of mixed race.  His mother is German so when a person say he is our first black president, they are looking upon half of him not the fullness of him.

Now, back to Donald Trump.  Isn’t it funny how he can degrade others from foreign lands when he is married to someone of a different country?  His first wife, Ivana Zelníckováw) as born in Zlin, Czech Republic.  Did anyone question him as to why he is so anti foreign when his first wife was not born in America?  Let’s move on to his second wife.  Marla Maples is American, born in Georgia.  Now, his third wife.  Melania Knavs is half Slovenian and half American.  She was born in Sevinca.  So all this time of him talking about boarders and immigrant control, in so many words, Ivana and Melania are from different countries.  Most people would say he is talking about Mexico, but an immigrant is an immigrant no matter how you try to explain the difference.

All in all, I am just expressing that before someone say something about not allowing foreigners in the United States, he should recognized he married two women from different countries.  Any country can be a “terror” country.  It does not have to be just from the middle east.  After all, we didn’t we have Americans go to other countries and claim radicalism once they gotten back in America?

With that said… “You have to learn and keep learning.” – Gil Scott Heron

~CF Boston Brian~

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What I Find Interesting…

During my talks with others, even those on YouTube, and watching interviews, I cannot help but to notice something of interest.

Our last names are surnames that makes the majority of our nationalities.  When I see a last name of Beggs, I know that is a German name.  However, this person is from Great Britain.  He considers himself as English, not German and not German English, but just English.  There are people of Africa decent that say they are English, not African English, but just English.  Other nationalities of people in England say the same, no matter their last name.  People in America will say they are German, Italian, or Irish.  They will not say they are just American.

This is interesting because England had slaves and they had freed their slaves way before America even considered it, yet we are suppose to be the best country in the world.  Even so, black soldiers gotten paid less money in the military than white soldiers during the Civil War, yet we are suppose to be the best country in the world.  Why is this so?  Why are we so closed-minded?  I have heard women say they want that white knight on a white horse riding in the sunset.  Out of curiosity, and to pick the brain, I asked why does the knight have to be white on a white horse?  Most women say white is pure and black is evil.  I defend by asking if they had ever seen Star Wars, Return of the Jedi?  Luke is a good guy, yet dressed in all black when he met his father.  It is in our heads to state color first instead of just saying what we desire.  Look at President Obama.  Lots of people say his is our first black president.  I disagree.  He is our first biracial president as his mother is white (German decent).  When you call him black, just like others do me, you are only looking half of what we are, not all of us.  Even so, why can’t we just be Americans?

People say they are Christians or they believe in “their” God.  Do they?  Do they believe in their God because if so, would they be the way they are if God was sitting with them or standing right beside them?

Judgment day… a day some may fret.  However, why fret IF you are doing good by each other?

Boston Brian

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The Struggle Continues…

August 29, 2015

Watching Inside edition this evening after the Chicago Bears game, I was deeply moved about two things.

1. Napa Valley Wine Train Tours kicked off 11 women of African descent due to, what they call, laughing too much. According to information provided, the person who worked on the train escorted 11 women of African descent off the train at a stop where police were called and waiting for them. Other non African descent customers said it was not fair because there were others that laughed and acted the same way, if not worse, yet were not approached. Why does this bothers me? Because the company issued an apology and will make their employees go through diversity training. Can we conclude if this was done by a man or woman of African descent against European women, this person would be fired and not recommended for diversity training. People say we are created equal, but we are not treated equally. Nothing conflicts me more than those who say they are Christians who continuously judge others when the chosen people were not Europeans, but Israelis. No wonder why I stopped going to church.

2. Police officers caught on camera trying to make drivers buy tickets to a police function or he will take their vehicle for not being registered. Again, this is evident on a cell phone video, yet they only get desk duty or some other duty while the incidents are investigated through Internal Affairs. Really? What is there to investigate when the proof it right on camera or video?

We live in a world where we call bad good and good bad. We life in a world where people judge those of African descent, or even judging those that are of mixed race and receive b.s. apologies because they got busted or found out during such things. It is a shame where people of African descent has to prove themselves a worthy employee or a worthy friend almost five times more than those of European descent.

I believe not all police officers are bad or do negative things. Just like people, a few officers give the good officers a bad name, just like a few people of African descent give us good ones a bad name; and just like a few European descent people would give the good ones a bad name.

CF Boston Brian

No Justice No Peace

Is This Really 2014??

I read something that really disturbed me on yahoo news.  This article was posted July 2014, so it is fairly new.  This article is about a New York news paper with the heading of “The Nigger in the White House.”  Nigger was covered with only the N and r visible.  Really?  I mean really?  2014?

The origin of “nigger” means an ignorant person, which is from the dictionaries of old.  Then the term went on to describe Nigerian people, but some could not spell Niger, thus spelling it Nigger.  In the dictionaries now, that term means a raciest slur.  How would white people like it if the title for Bush was “The Cracker in the White House?”  I don’t think that would go over well.

James Collier believes the reason for this headline is because the right hate President Obama so much, they state it is because he is black.  I would agree to a degree because if you search history, no other Democratic President has been more disrespected than President Obama.  Even those in McCain supports believes President Obama is Arabian, which McCain did say Obama is a Christian man.  People tend to judge names with the nationalities and whatever society calls it, people embrace it.   The West View News refuse to comment on this headline, nor did they post it on their website.  This is not the first time Collier has been in trouble with the same word he had posted this month.  His literature was taken off the shelves around the city.  Don’t believe me, read it for yourself:”

Whatever happened to what America stands for?  The land of the Free?  The Civil War proves this theory of the home of the Free incorrect.  Yes, if you are white or European, even Asian (Japanese, Chinese, etc.), the piece of the American pie awaits.  The Civil War… a war that had over million of hot lead and metal penetrate the bodies of those called for their selected armies, rather Union or Confederate.  Senseless deaths of those who are called … Americans, in which who were separated between Northern and Southern states.  A country divided like Korea.

Society see what they desire to see and judge what is right and what is not.  Society says President Obama is black because his father is black.  If you want to be technical, he is African because his father is from African, not just black.  However, his mother is white, therefore, making him of mixed race.  Society does not view his mother, only his father, calling him black.  This is the same in my experiences.  I am of mixed race myself and my mother has always told me I should recognize ALL nationalities within me, not just the black.  I look upon myself as other, but society say I am black, disregarding the white race that is within me as well.  When I date or go out with a woman who is black, I don’t get looks because society labels me as black.  When I date or go out with a white woman, society frowns and judge us both, calling us names; refusing to accept the fact that I am of mixed race.  Who made society the boss in saying what is right, what is wrong, and what nationality or race is better than the other?

Society does not teach that most things you may use today exists due to black people.  Things such as the Ice Cream Scoop – the fun making getting ice cream of the carton easier, the Traffic Light – to allow traffic their rightful turn while traveling through major intersections and highways, the Super Soaker Water Gun – something that is used on hot summer days to squirt at each other with cool water for fun, the Potato Chip – a food that was actually invented on accident, the Open-Heart Surgery – the first one was done to save the life of a stabbing victim and the same types of surgeries that have saved a lot of other people both black and white people, the Light Bulb – yes Edison invented it but Latimer perfected it making the bulb lasts a lot LONGER, the one that is of a depressed state… slavery – which made America rich from buying machinery and owning what is really called “property” not people; and the Blues – something that most every person from one point in time listens to which was developed while singing in the fields by black people.  Is it safe to say black people really build America from the times of slavery, yet never received any type of compensation for their work.  There are much more.”

The next time a person asks me, CF Boston, my nationality, I am very tempted to say “human.”

CF Boston