No Justice No Peace

An Update on an Email regarding America the Twisted….

I wrote the AG regarding the law and information regarding hate crimes, and it is punishable by jail time.  It seems like everyone is passing the buck, yet, what is the use of having laws if the only thing they are good for is wasting paper, OR when it happens outside the unfortunate areas of different neighborhoods?

It seems like the law (police and attorneys) tend to pick and choose what is important to them to pursue and who to arrest, even though the law is written for all citizens.  I have seen unfortunate white people and unfortunate black people, even unfortunate mixed people.  The law is designed to protect all people, including the ones listed.  When the law breaks down, people loose trust in the law, which is why we have this crap happening in America.  Either people believe they will get away with it because the law would never convict them, or they feel entitled.

This is a copy of my email and the response I had gotten with this email.  Names are hidden to protect the identities..


Mr. ***,

 Thank you for writing the office of ***. Per your inquiry, I must inform you that in Illinois locally elected county State’s Attorneys are primarily responsible for enforcing criminal law in their respective counties.  State’s Attorneys are given unfettered discretion in determining whether to file criminal charges.  The idea being it is incumbent upon that official to actually sign charges presented to the court and to prosecute the case in the criminal proceeding. While the Illinois Attorney General does serve as the state’s chief legal officer we do not have operational control or authority over locally elected county State’s Attorneys or municipal police departments, who would be the appropriate agencies for you to contact regarding this matter. Additional concerns would be best addressed by consulting private legal counsel.



Public Affairs Officer

Constituent Services Bureau