Darth Vader Falls in Love

I thought this was rather interesting.  I am a resistance soldier all the way, but I do like Darth Vader…

~Boston Brian

Personal-type Of Thought(s)

What We Cannot Say…

At times, people have a way of putting words together that we cannot express ourselves.  I consider myself to be a good guy.  I never said I love you first to anyone.  They usually say it to me, even my family; but they know I love them by the special things I do to show it.

I have not many friends because I had been hurt a lot before.  Some had made fun of me because of my race and culture.  Others had attempt to bully me because of the things my parents had and I was given good things in my life by them.  Even some made fun of me because I would die for my dog, knowing they have a short life span on earth.  I see people take for granted of the little things in life.

Watching YouTube videos most times, I have learned things about myself that I would not have known before.  I have learned what it is like to be homeless with nothing.  I have learned what it is like to be ridiculed and toss around like a bag.  I have learned what it is like to be afraid.  I have learned what it is like to be loved.  I have seen through the eyes of a dog about pain, resentment, and hurt.  I have seen through the eyes of other animals that are hunted for game not as a source of nourishment.

I look out of my window in my home and stare at the green grass and listen to the birds sing.  I look at white butterflies that fly around the home.  I look at my vehicle sparkle as the sun bounces off it.  I look at the wind blowing the tops of the trees.  I look at the high flying hawks and wonder what it is like to be that free.

Afraid of being who I am, there is one thing no one can take away from me, well actually two things.  The first thing is my education and knowledge.  The second thing is how loved I am by family and God.

I will like to share a video with you.  I hope you enjoy it and find it comforting in some way.

Personal-type Of Thought(s)

An Interesting Song and Heartfelt

As I go to bed at night, I still hear that special song within my mind, the mind of Avatar.  Avatar, a body glorified from my own body.  A symbol of another being, a peaceful man.  When I hear the words and see the words, I get the feeling of longing to belong, to see outside myself and into a world I once lived before my birth as my spirit was with the One who made me.  This gives hope, a hope of that perfect storm rising inside of me.  An inner strength that gives love a chance, true love; unconditional love.  This love surpasses all and as I look upon my mother and my animals, I cannot duplicate that perfect love, but with this song, I can sure as well try to.  A mother’s love…an animal’s love…God’s love…. a love we all would never understand unless in that situation of being a mother or an animal.  We can only enjoy them while they are with us because perfect love overshadows the hardship of life and gives us hope – genuine hope.  Step outside yourselves and see what this perfect storm in you can perfect – honest love and desire.