Personal-type Of Thought(s)


I have seen lots of pictures of innocent animals being killed by the riffle of a person that enjoys hunting.  I don’t understand how hunting can be a sport when we have ample food sources available to us.

It is funny how some government officials can get involved with the senseless killing of people, for that is a crime; punishable by death in some states, and life in prison in other states.  Why can’t the law be the same for hunting innocent animals with no reason to die?  I can understand if you have to protect yourself, but why put yourself in the situation.

I remember a show where there was a helicopter flying over Alaska and the camera shown senseless murders of a pack of wolves.  Blood every wear and for what reason?  They were alone and were not bothering anyone.  They were a LONG way from civilization. I had cried for them and I have always asked…. why is man so brutal?  Man is brutal in a way that they will kill without remorse, yet they will beg for their own lives.  If you don’t believe me, look upon those on death row that cries nightly, knowing they are to be executed soon.

The killing of animals…something people look upon as a sport, yet we are jailed for killing people, something that is not a sport.


CF Boston Brian