No Justice No Peace


This is urgent, and i would love your support in spreading this around to others, regardless of language barriers, or faith practiced.  This not only effect myself, but all of us either directly or indirectly.

Lord God, I pray for your mighty hand to land upon those that abuse animals and children.  Lord God, I pray for your hand to sweep clean of every tear drop of the abused, rather it being human or animal and protect them with a hedge of protection so great that others would not only feel guilty, but would be greatly affected in one way or another for their harm to the innocent.  Protect our animals Lord, the same animals you gave us to love.  Protect our kids Lord God, for they only know what they do by destructive peers and or destructive parents.  I pray Lord God for your judgment to rain fierce on those that use vicious methods of herding animals and man-made hurtful instruments on animals and humans.  I know you are a merciful God and I know you are a patient God, but those that do not show mercy to animals or children, let them reap what they sow even faster Lord.  Let them suffer like they choose to let animals suffer; just like they choose to let children suffer.  For each person reading this and spreading this to others, I pray our voices will be heard Lord God and your intervention is greatly needed.  I pray and I thank you in advance for your intervention in the mighty name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ – Amen.

For those that will spread this and really care about the abuse of animals and people; from the bottom of my heart, I do appreciate it.

CF Boston Brian